• Charcoal

  • Rust Red

  • Savannah Wicker

  • Sandstone Beige

  • Autumn Yellow

  • Desert Tan

  • Pebble Clay

  • Granite Gray

  • Colonial White

  • Barn Red

  • Atlantic Blue

  • Coastal Sage

  • Slate

  • Ivy Green

  • Devonshire Green

  • Bermuda Blue

  • Burgundy

  • Sea Blue

  • Sunset Blush

  • South Beach Green

  • Caribbean Mist

  • Seagrass

  • Alpine Green

  • Cypress

  • Bermuda Blue

  • Champagne Gray

  • Sable Brown

  • Mahogany

  • Bronze Tone

  • Pacific Blue

  • Green Tea Leaf

  • Buckskin

  • Sterling Gray

  • Natural Clay

  • Walnut

  • Flagstone

  • Autumn Cedar

  • Forrest Green

Proudly made in the USA

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding – As low as $239 per square with FREE SHIPPING*

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding – Customizable and Low-Maintenance

Top Sellers


Low-Maintenance Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding




Colors will vary from monitor to monitor. To see an accurate sample, we highly recommend ordering Free Color Samples.

Since we manufacture over 36 colors, we custom make each order when placed. Standard lead-time is 2-3 weeks. Some more popular colors may be in stock and will ship out quicker.

Want a Custom Color?

Contact us with your custom color request. We can match just about any color. If you don’t see the color you want, let us help.

Would You Like Samples?

Contact us with your sample request. Only 3 samples can be requested at a time.

How Much Do I Need?

Please remember that these are standard guidelines and every house may vary. If unsure, please contact a local siding professional for assistance.


Strength for a Lifetime.

Our Premium Cedar Shake Siding is the industry’s leading alternative to natural painted cedar – it’s beautiful, customizable, and low-maintenance.

Impervious to bugs and woodpeckers, it allows you to express your own individual style. Choose from 36 colors, or even create your own custom match, and instantly preserve the integrity of your home’s value.

Set Your Home Apart With Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding


All our trim pieces come standard with Tru-Lock. Tru-Lock is a state-of-the-art locking system that not only holds your panels together seamlessly, it allows your panels to move as the temperature changes without exposing a single seam. Factory Direct Siding is the only synthetic cedar siding manufacturer that offers siding with Tru-Lock technology.

Random Seams

Just like the cedar shakes of old, each panel comes with random edges that lock together using Tru-Lock technology. These random edges create the look and feel of cedar shakes without the spacing and openings for bugs and mold.


We offer the most realistic cedar replica on the market. Through a proprietary process we take dozens of real cedar shakes and create a 3D image. They are then transferred to the dies used for the panels. The die is dynamically changed to create nearly the same variance in texture and shape as the real thing.

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