Exterior of home with blue vinyl shake siding that requires minimal maintenance.

Top Tips for Vinyl Siding Maintenance

2020 saw an explosion in home remodeling, as many homeowners used the pandemic downtime to improve their home’s curb appeal through various DIY home improvement projects. And, this uptick in remodeling doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Many homeowners who are remodeling decide to invest in vinyl cedar shake siding because of its combination of unique aesthetics, affordability and high return on investment (ROI). It is well known that vinyl siding is durable and low maintenance. It doesn’t chip or dent, and you’re not required to repaint every few years.

If you’re considering selling your home down the road, vinyl siding is a good investment that will increase the value. But, before you decide whether vinyl cedar shake siding is right for your home, let’s talk about what goes into caring for this affordable, low-maintenance material.

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