A house outfitted with vinyl shake siding

Vinyl Shake Siding Versus Other Siding Options: A Cost Comparison

A home siding project isn’t cheap. 

Before the project can even get underway, you need to choose between siding styles (there are more than you might think!). Then, once you have a style in mind, you need to factor material costs and labor costs into your total project cost, because prices can fluctuate drastically. The wide variety in types of siding is matched by a wide range of potential costs! 

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What are the Different Types of Vinyl Siding?

Are you remodeling your home exterior and find yourself needing to choose a siding option? It’s important to know the difference between each type of siding and what will fit your specific wants and needs.

Your first decision will most likely be what material to use. While other options are out there on the market, vinyl siding can give you the same feel with more benefits. There are a lot of different types of vinyl siding to consider before making your decision.

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Save on long-term siding replacement costs with vinyl shake siding.

5 Factors That Determine Vinyl Siding Replacement Costs: What You Need to Know

Ready to replace your siding but don’t know how much to budget? There are many reasons why homeowners look into replacing their vinyl siding. Some want a new look, some want to replace damaged siding, and some want to increase curb appeal while adding value to their home. But how much should you expect to set aside when planning for vinyl siding replacement?

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