Looking for siding options to spruce up your home’s appearance? Discover these 8 inspiring siding ideas to enhance your home’s curb appeal now. 

Take a moment to think about the last time you browsed for homes. How quickly did you form a first impression? Chances are that you knew if you were interested before you walked in the door. 

Curb appeal is a major aspect of your home for practical and emotional reasons alike. It boosts and protects your home’s value while giving you the invaluable benefit of home pride.  To make sure your siding is adding to your curb appeal and not detracting from it, check out these siding ideas.

Siding Ideas for Awesome Curb Appeal

If your siding could use an update, check out these great ideas.

1. Color Blocking

Gone are the days of one single siding color. Today’s homeowners are getting more creative with blocks of differing colors.  One of the most common strategies is to use dark siding for the bottom half of the home and light siding on the top half. For instance, think of a typical home shape as a square with a triangle on top. In this case, the square would have dark siding and the triangle would have light siding.  These can be two fully different colors or different shades of the same color. Regardless, the key is having substantial color contrast.

2. Mixed Materials

If you aren’t sure whether you want your home to have siding, stone, brick, or another type of exterior material, you’re in luck. You don’t have to choose just one!  Instead, hop onto today’s trend of mixing various materials. One popular choice is to have stone on the bottom three feet of your home with siding on the rest of it. Another common option is having one vertical section of your home in brick while the others have siding.  You could also use various types of siding on your home, too. For example, use vinyl siding on the bottom half of the home with wood siding on the top half. It’s all a matter of balance and personal taste.

3. Wide Siding Panels

No matter what siding material you choose, there’s another choice you need to make: your panel width. The panels of your siding can come in a variety of sizes from narrow to wide.

For a modern style, go with a wider panel. It creates a more updated and high-end look than the narrow vinyl siding that was popular in the 1990s. The same goes for your trim: wide and prominent is in.

4. Siding and Trim Contrast

As you’re picking out your new siding, don’t forget that your exterior trim is just as important. While the two colors need to coordinate, there’s another important trend to keep in mind: contrast.  In particular, today’s homeowners are pairing darker siding colors with white trim. The contrast makes your entire home pop. It gives you a more modern look compared to matching your trim to the rest of your siding.

5. Keeping It Cool

Speaking of colors, it’s all about cool colors in today’s siding. Some of the most popular colors include deep blue and gray, especially when they’re paired together. Greens with gray-like hues are stylish in today’s market as well.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some homeowners are successfully using yellow siding, for instance, but it needs to be a bold yellow rather than pale yellow. Keep in mind that different colors are popular in different geographical areas. Take a look around your neighborhood to see what colors are thriving. This can also give you an idea of what colors you like best in person.

6. The Wooden Look

Wood siding is seeing a major resurgence. The wood look and its rustic feel are rising throughout the country. Of course, wood siding has its downsides. Restaining it on a regular basis can be inconvenient, and it also tends to cost more than other materials. If your budget doesn’t allow for wood siding, there are alternatives.  There are siding options that are made out of vinyl or other materials but look like wood. You can get the same look without the environmental impact and cost of genuine wood. It’s still true that wood siding can last longer than other siding materials when it’s well-maintained, though. Take the time to weigh all your options and understand their pros and cons.

7. Greige

If you’re interested in home decor in general, you’ve probably heard the term “greige.” The term is a mixture of gray and beige, and it’s one of the most popular and modern neutrals in homes today.  You’ll see greige on interior walls, wood floors, carpet, and more. Now we’re seeing it on home exteriors in siding as well. If you want a truly trendy look, try incorporating greige into some of the other siding color trends. For instance, consider using a dark shade of greige on the bottom half of your home with a lighter shade on the top half. Greige also pairs well beside stone and brick alike.

8. Cedar Shake Fever

Another great way to bring your home’s look into the 21st century is with cedar shake siding. It’s not a new trend by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s thriving in today’s style.  As with other types of wood siding, cedar shake siding offers a rustic look and a warm atmosphere. If you want the style without the cost, though, there’s a better solution. Consider vinyl cedar shake siding instead, which brings together the benefits of cedar shake and vinyl siding alike.

Siding With Style

There are so many factors to consider when you update your home’s design. We understand that you don’t want it to be a cookie-cutter home and you want to infuse your personal style.  There are plenty of ways to accomplish both of those goals with the right siding choice. The siding ideas above are the perfect start to help you find inspiration. If you’re ready to start revitalizing your home or you want a professional to weigh in, contact our siding experts.