Our Story

Beauty and strength have been our core values since our humble beginnings more than 80 years ago. Every product we manufacture must pass stringent testing to ensure the quality that we demand – the kind of quality our customers have come to expect.

FactoryDirectSiding.com uses state-of-the-art technologies to produce the most realistic cedar panel available on the market today. Eighteen real cedar shakes have been digitally scanned and recreated using 3D imagery. Those images were then transferred to molds, providing us with the most authentic looking shakes available in today’s market.

Beauty & Strength for a Lifetime

FactoryDirectSiding.com’s Premium Cedar Shake Siding offers you a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to natural painted cedar. With a palette of over 36 colors options, you can achieve the desired look you want for your home or commercial building with the assurance that it will never have to be painted again – EVER.

FactoryDirectSiding.com’s premium cedar shake shingles are a low-maintenance and worry-free option, allowing you to express your style while preserving the integrity of your home’s value and curb-appeal.