Are you in the market to freshen up the curb appeal of your home, but confused about your exterior siding options? Are you in the process of building a new home and feeling overwhelmed by decisions? If so, it’s important to get the facts about vinyl siding.

The benefits of vinyl siding are numerous. It has impressive durability against the elements, low maintenance requirements, and is a cost-effective choice for the exterior of your home. Plus, new vinyl siding is sure to get more than a few admiring glances from neighbors!

Keep reading for several common myths about vinyl siding and how they stack up against the facts.

1. Myth: Vinyl Siding Offers Limited Selection

One of the most common myths among those unfamiliar with modern vinyl siding is that it doesn’t offer much in the way of variety. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In fact, there are many different ways that vinyl siding can offer you more options than the other types of siding material on the market. 

First, vinyl siding can be produced in almost any color. Not only does this allow you to find the best complement for your roofing, windows, etc., but it also eliminates the time and cost associated with painting the exterior of your home.

Second, vinyl siding offers many different styles. One of the most attractive is vinyl shake siding, which replicates the look of cedar shake shingles—with superior durability and much less maintenance.

Whether you’re embarking on a home improvement project or making decisions on a new home that you’re building, the vinyl siding’s options allow you to choose exactly what you want.

2. Myth: Vinyl Siding Is Fragile

Don’t let the cost-effective nature of the product deceive you. Vinyl siding exhibits excellent long-term durability. When you work with a professional installer, you can rest assured knowing that your siding will hold up to high winds and other harsh conditions. Typically, reputable manufacturers will also offer a warranty.

In contrast to other siding material options, vinyl siding can be significantly more long-lasting. For example, while metal siding may be durable, it isn’t very aesthetically pleasing—it can rust and dent from debris or a hail storm. Vinyl siding is made of PVC plastic, meaning it won’t rust or deteriorate…and even if it does dent from an extreme storm, it won’t be as noticeable.

Some might try to tell you that wood siding is more durable than vinyl siding but the facts don’t support that. Wood can be vulnerable to rot and requires frequent repainting to seal and protect it. Additionally, high-quality vinyl siding is fire retardant/ So, in the event of a fire, your vinyl siding would slow down its progress. Meanwhile, materials like wood siding can accelerate the fire’s spread. 

3. Myth: Vinyl Siding Isn’t Attractive

Generally, the only people you hear this from are salesmen who are trying to get you to buy an alternative to vinyl siding.

Back when vinyl siding was created over 70 years ago, it was only available in limited colors and textures. That’s changed dramatically.

The proof is in the pudding. Many homeowners consider vinyl siding to be one of the most aesthetically-pleasing materials for the exterior of your home. You can install different styles (such as the vinyl shake siding mentioned earlier), as well as different colors, sizes, and so on.

Think of vinyl siding as the perfect way to mimic your favorite home siding materials without having to deal with the negatives of that material. For example, you can use vinyl shake siding to mimic a rustic house made of wooden shingles without it attracting termites or suffering from dry rot.

Vinyl siding will give you more peace of mind. Once it’s installed, you can go years without giving it any major time or attention. Simply perform simple maintenance like pressure washing it once or twice a year and you’ll be golden!

4. Myth: Vinyl Siding Is Too Traditional

Many homeowners choose vinyl siding because of its trustworthy, traditional reputation, but vinyl is anything but traditional. While it may have been around for a while, it’s the only material that’s coming out with new trendy styles and colors to fit your preference.

While other houses on the street are using standard neutral colors like beige or brown, you can purchase a vinyl shake siding with a bolder color to set yourself apart. In fact, choosing a unique design can enhance the curb appeal of your home and attract more buyers if you should decide to sell.

5. Myth: Vinyl Shake Siding Isn’t Cost Effective

This myth is incorrect on several accounts. First, vinyl siding is one of the more affordable materials that you can purchase for your home. There are many different options without much fluctuation in price.

Second, vinyl siding can last upwards of 30 years on the exterior of your home, making it one of the most dependable materials out there. It offers a return on your investment that no other material can match.

It’s also one of the more energy efficient options. Given a proper installation process, high quality vinyl siding can be expected to show savings on your energy bills.

Think through what you’re looking for in your home. If you want an aesthetically-pleasing material that’s nearly maintenance free, then vinyl siding is a no-brainer for your home.

Invest in Vinyl Siding for Your Home Today

Now that you’ve seen several common myths busted in this article, you’re one step closer to enhancing the beauty of your home. 

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