Older home with white paint, worn out roof and neglected landscaping that would benefit from exterior improvement projects with high ROI.

Four Exterior Home Improvement Projects That Provide Excellent Return On Investment

As a homeowner, you understand the appeal of exterior home improvement projects. Not only do they provide your home with a fresh, updated appearance, but they’re an excellent way of increasing the resale value of your home, should you decide to sell. But, of course, some remodeling projects offer more bang for your buck than others.

Vinyl shake siding installation, landscaping, and updated windows are a few examples of exterior home improvement projects that have a comfortable remodeling cost and allow you to see a high return on investment (ROI). They also greatly improve your home’s aesthetic appearance, making it more appealing to homebuyers.

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comparison photo showing vertical and horizontal siding options.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Siding

Like most components of your home, there will come a time when you need to replace your siding. And, lucky for you, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from for your home exterior.

However, along with the specific type of siding you ultimately choose, there is another major choice that you might not have thought about—whether to use horizontal or vertical siding.

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Newly installed green vinyl siding.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

If you’re looking to install new siding–particularly if you’re considering vinyl shake siding–you may be wondering: how long does vinyl siding last

Like most building materials (like window frames and roofing shingles), the lifespan of vinyl siding can vary based on a number of factors. However, in most cases, vinyl siding will last 30 to 50 years. And, in some cases, it will last even longer!

No matter what, though, one rule remains: the better you care for your siding, the more use you’ll get out of it. As such, vinyl siding still needs appropriate maintenance on a regular basis in order to last.  Read more