When you’re in the market to upgrade the exterior of your home, the options are limitless, especially when it comes to siding.

If you’re in the market for the rustic, layered look of wood shake shingles, you have some important decisions to make (and we’re not just talking about color). As technology has evolved, the popularity of a more durable option (vinyl shake siding) has gained a lot of ground. Vinyl shake mimics high-end cedar shake siding for just a fraction of the price, and it comes in various beautiful colors (including the infamous rustic red cedar wood look).

When it comes to the vinyl shake siding vs. cedar shingle debate, there are several factors to consider. Homeowners need to think about things like lifespan, architectural style, maintenance costs and sustainability.

A Brief History…

Cedar shake siding has been around for hundreds of years in residential and commercial architectural design, and for good reason! Cedar wood shingles are known to be very stable under extreme weather conditions and continue to maintain their shape in high humidity without warping or shrinking.

Real wood cedar siding can also provide insulation benefits for your home in addition to offering an attractive aesthetic. The downside to cedar shake shingles, though, is that they’re expensive and need to be repainted often. Vinyl shake siding, by comparison, has all of the benefits of cedar shake shingle siding with better durability and half the cost of installation and maintenance (forget having to paint!).

FDS Vinyl Shingle Siding

Here’s the thing about vinyl siding products: the manufacturing process is so good that vinyl faux cedar often looks better than the real thing! When it comes to siding for your home, vinyl shake siding might be exactly what you’ve been searching for!

FDS’s vinyl shake siding is made from eighteen real cedar shakes that have been scanned and recreated using 3D imagery. Then cedar impressions are then transferred into molds and recreated to deliver our perfect, realistic wood grain patterns – the most authentic look on the market today!

Durability Debate

Real cedar wood siding is a naturally durable siding material that is naturally resilient to pests. However, it does attract birds and woodpeckers, which are known to cause damage.

While vinyl siding material was once looked at as a low-quality material, today’s vinyl siding is the material of choice since it is much thicker and more naturally resilient to the elements (as well as impervious to woodpeckers and damage from other birds). Not to mention the fact that you don’t need to repaint vinyl shakes year after year. It’s safe to say that vinyl shake siding wins this debate!

Aesthetics Debate

The appearance of cedar shakes (which has been utilized as both a siding and a roofing material) has long been considered a go-to for classic design, especially in the Eastern US. But there’s always the question of whether to have it stained or painted (and both are a pain when it comes to maintaining a fresh, clean look).

This is where vinyl shake siding from Factory Direct Siding wins out with most homeowners; it comes in a variety of custom colors – that are available for quick ship – and maintain its color integrity for decades. Whether you want vinyl shakes that look identical to red cedar or a stained, natural wood, vinyl can achieve the design you’re looking for.

Vinyl shake siding can be installed in parts of the home’s exterior or along the entirety of the exterior of the home. It’s a toss up as to what you’ll prefer but you’ll never see FDS shakes fade and they’ll never need to be repainted.

Maintenance Comparison

This one is a no-brainer win for the vinyl siding side of the debate. You’ll never have to repaint the shakes on vinyl shake siding whereas if your cedar shingles are stained and/or painted, you’ll need to repaint them every year or two.

Vinyl shake siding never needs repainting, but it will get dirty from time to time depending on the elements. All you need to do with vinyl cladding from Factory Direct Siding is hose it down occasionally. For dirtier spots, a soft bristle brush with some dish soap will make it look like new.

Siding Cost Comparison

Another area where vinyl shakes are far superior to their natural wood cedar counterparts is when it comes to cost per square foot. While natural wood siding provides curb appeal and prestige, they’re high-maintenance and also come with a high price tag. Natural cedar shakes are often 2 to 3 times the cost of the low-maintenance vinyl shake siding from Factory Direct Siding.

Cost always stands out as one of the biggest reasons why people choose FDS vinyl shake siding over other different styles, including real cedar. Additionally, vinyl shake siding offers a  warranty, guaranteeing that the product won’t fail due to chipping, peeling or cracking (unlike many other types of siding and types of wood) which adds to the cost benefits. Cedar shingle siding loses the debate on cost time and time again, even when it comes down to energy efficiency.

Call FDS If You’re Considering Shingle Siding!

Be sure to consider all the pros and cons before replacing your old siding. But when it comes to cedar shingles vs. vinyl siding, vinyl shake siding from Factory Direct Siding is a no-brainer. Installation is a breeze and our product durability is second to none when compared to other siding options. All things considered, vinyl shake siding from FDS always shakes out to be the better option! Call today for a free consultation!