Updating the exterior of your home is a big commitment. If you’ve been searching and are thinking about utilizing cedar shingles, take a second to discover vinyl shake siding. It’s likely a better option.

Did you know that the marketability of cedar siding has steadily increased over the years, thanks to its popularity on the WEST Coast?

Why do people love it?

Cedar is one of the most durable wood types in North America and it provides that rustic feel that many are searching for. Plus, most can agree that cedar is gorgeous!

But there’s an alternative out that’s just as beautiful — vinyl shake siding. It’s an excellent choice for those who want the look of cedar shake but don’t want the disadvantages that come with it.

From vinyl shake’s cost to its fully customizable look, here’s why we know you’ll choose vinyl over cedar!

What Siding Has Over Shingle

1. Vinyl Shake Is As Good As Cedar Shake
“Fake” used to be an ugly world, but here’s the thing about vinyl siding products: the manufacturing of current siding finishes is so good that vinyl often looks better than the real thing.

Vinyl shake mimics high-end cedar shake siding for just a fraction of the price. It comes in various colors, including the rustic red cedar look that normally costs big bucks when you’re looking at the wood version.

On aesthetics alone, vinyl shake looks so similar to cedar that you would need to smell the siding to make sure which one you have (just kidding… sort of).

Even better, vinyl shake siding stands the test of time. As opposed to cedar, you’ll be able to go DECADES without needing to replace entire sections.

Looks, durability and cost are pretty important factors, and vinyl wins out in all three categories. You definitely get your money’s worth.

2. Vinyl Siding Doesn’t Need Repainting
One great advantage of vinyl shake is that it never needs repainting. Faux (vinyl) cedar shake has assigned colors that embed deep into the material, which means you don’t have to paint the entire thing every 3–4 years.

In comparison, when you install cedar shingle, you still need to paint it the color you want. This means, aside from the cost of real wood siding, you’re spending money on paint (which, obviously, ups the cost even more).

Why would you pay thousands of dollar extra to paint when you can get vinyl shake in any color under the sun? All you need to do is choose the colors that you want and you’re good to go!

3. Vinyl Is Less Expensive
Let’s talk about vinyl siding cost… Plain and simple, it’s less expensive to have faux cedar shake siding installed than cedar shingles. In fact, it’s not even close.

Depending on the grade of the cedar, expect $5 or more per foot. Add to that the cost of labor for installation PLUS painting (and the labor costs associated with that) and you can get into final costs well over $15,000.

Comparatively, vinyl shake can cost between $2 and $6 per square foot for installation plus the cost of materials. You do the math!

Vinyl shake is sold in panels rather than individual cedar shingles, making them easier to install and (ultimately) less expensive. If you’re doing a DIY job, your cost saving will be even greater (but make sure you do your homework on proper installation techniques etc.)

Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the cost-saving you notice because of vinyl’s durability. No repainting means more money saved down the road. Vinyl is also rot and insect resistant, so incidents of sections needing to be replaced should be few and far between.

4. Vinyl Shake Siding Is More Durable AND Weather-Proof
One thing we love about vinyl shake siding is its durability. Because vinyl siding is an artificial material, it’s resistant to factors like weather, insects, rot, moisture and sun damage.

Without treatment, even durable red cedar shingles rot and are affected by weather. Water damage can cause cedar shingles to swell and rot or warp.

Vinyl shake, on the other hand, is resistant to the elements. (There’s zero need for maintenance). If you live in rainy or snowy states, you’re good to go.

When considering the longevity of your investment, it’s vital for your siding to last longer than just a few years.

5. Vinyl Shake Is Termite Resistant
We all know that birds can go to town on wooden siding (building nests or, in the woodpecker’s case, drilling holes right through the shingles), but have you thought about the impact of insects?

Vinyl shake siding is termite-resistant — yay! (Termites are nasty insects that eat up a wood material’s cellulose, which includes cedar shingles and cedar shake).

When termites infest cedar siding they empty the inside of the wood. If left untreated, you will have a whole host of problems, including (more frighteningly) potential damage to the foundation of your home.

6. Vinyl Shake Siding Comes In Numerous Colors
Another great advantage when it comes to vinyl are the numerous color options you have.

From dull hues to monochrome tones, you can find the color you want without much headache. What’s more, the colors do not affect your vinyl siding cost!

Some homeowners want to mimic true cedar shake siding, which is easily achievable with vinyl shake. The best vinyl shake options have embedded wood grain textures to make them look and feel exactly like the real thing.

If you want to set your home apart even more, use different color vinyl shake in accent areas, like on a gable wall.

In short, if you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, vinyl shake siding is the way to go.

7. Vinyl Shake Siding Means No Headaches!
When talking about vinyl shake siding, we know that it’s easier to install as compared to cedar shingle. So whether you’re comfortable with a DIY or you choose to have contractors do the work, it will be less of a headache!

Vinyl installation requires less work and has fewer moving parts. There’s also no need for wood treatment, staining or painting.

But of course, it always comes back to money! You’re saving thousands of dollars if you pick vinyl shake sidings.

This Is Why You Pick A Vinyl Shake Siding
When it comes to siding for your home, it’s hard to beat cedar — but vinyl shake siding has done it!

Whether you’re talking about color, aesthetics, material or durability, vinyl shake siding is the clear winner… hands down.

If you’re looking to re-side your home or are building from the ground up, check us out at FactoryDirectSiding.com. Send us a message or call us direct. We’d love to show you how to add value with guaranteed lower pricing.