As a homeowner, you understand the appeal of exterior home improvement projects. Not only do they provide your home with a fresh, updated appearance, but they’re an excellent way of increasing the resale value of your home, should you decide to sell. But, of course, some remodeling projects offer more bang for your buck than others.

Vinyl shake siding installation, landscaping, and updated windows are a few examples of exterior home improvement projects that have a comfortable remodeling cost and allow you to see a high return on investment (ROI). They also greatly improve your home’s aesthetic appearance, making it more appealing to homebuyers.

If you want to know more about which exterior home improvement projects offer the highest ROI, keep reading for information you won’t want to miss. 

Landscaping Home Improvements

Landscaping is an excellent home improvement project and one that provides immediate results. As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to invest  roughly 10% of your home’s value into landscaping, if possible. 

In some instances, landscaping can provide a 100-1,000% return, which makes it a fantastic investment for homeowners while increasing curb appeal

When considering landscaping, look for design elements that last all year long. This includes trees, shrubs, retaining walls, low-maintenance gardens, and an inviting walkway to your entry door

Examples of shrubs that do well in the winter include Higan Cherry (Winter Flowering Cherry), Witch Hazel, Camellia, Firethorn, Red Twig Dogwood, Winterberry, and Viburnum Nudum ‘Winterthur’. 

It’s also a good idea to invest in larger plants and shrubs, to help your landscaping stand out. However, be sure not to block doors or windows with large shrubs, as they can pose safety issues. 

Updating and Upgrading Windows

There are several ways that new windows provide a return on investment. First, they add an updated look to both your home’s interior and exterior. They also provide your home with a fresh look and style and come in a variety of colors to match your house. 

Additionally, new windows provide security and help to lower your energy costs since they are often energy-efficient and better regulate the amount of air that enters and exits your home, helping to keep energy bills low. 

New windows can also decrease exterior noises, giving you peace and quiet when you’re home and relaxing. 

While replacement windows are attractive and help keep utility bills low, they also have a significant ROI. On average, ROI for new windows can be as high as 78.8%. Not only will you increase property value and reduce energy bills, but you’ll do so while improving curb appeal.

Spruce Up Your Entry With New Doors

As people enter your home, one of the first things they notice is your front door. This is also true for those driving by your home. In many ways, your door is the heart of your home, welcoming all who enter. 

An outdated door that’s weather-damaged can detract from your home’s appearance, which is why a new entry door is an excellent way to increase curb appeal and make your home more inviting. 

New doors can increase your home’s security, helping protect you and your family from theft, too. And, they also add a layer of energy-efficiency, just like new windows do. 

A new front door can give you a 74.9% ROI, while giving the entryway to your home a facelift. You can even choose a door that complements the color of your home or matches shutters and various types of siding.

Transform Your Home’s Exterior With New Vinyl Siding

While new doors, windows, and landscaping can all provide substantial ROI and add curb appeal to your home, none have the overall impact of new vinyl siding. Your home’s exterior is visible from afar, and new, quality siding replacement is an excellent way to showcase all your home has to offer. 

Old, damaged siding (whether it’s vinyl, aluminum or wood siding) can greatly detract from your home’s appearance, resulting in an outdated or neglected look. When weathered siding becomes cracked, either with age or exposure to the elements, the results can be disastrous. 

Water can quickly infiltrate your home, causing damage to the inner components of your walls. And, aluminum siding can become riddled with dents after years of service and requires regular cleaning and painting to maintain vivid colors.

Not only are you preserving your home’s integrity by investing in a siding remodel, but you’re updating its appearance and increasing the value of your precious real estate

Vinyl Shake Siding Material Can Add Value and Durability 

Vinyl shake siding is a fantastic product that gives any home an instant transformation. It’s low maintenance, and its impressive durability means it can be expected to last for decades

As visually appealing as vinyl shake siding is, it also offers countless financial benefits. 

The largest financial benefit is its ROI, recouping nearly 83% of your investment. Not only will this low cost siding material protect your home from severe weather patterns while giving your house a fresh, updated appearance, vinyl shake will also result in a sizable ROI should you choose to sell.

Vinyl shake siding comes in a wide variety of color options, giving you the ability to customize your home’s exterior and complement any color scheme. This economical siding option also holds up extremely well against the elements while providing you with peace of mind knowing your home is protected from water damage and possible mold growth.  

Optimize Your Investment in Exterior Home Improvement Projects

Exterior home improvement projects are an excellent way to increase your home’s curb appeal and boost your property value. If you’re concerned with making sure you recoup a fair amount of your costs, then consider the countless benefits of vinyl shake siding, new windows, new doors, and landscaping. 

These (fairly simple) home projects will update your home’s exterior appearance, provide energy efficiency, and protect your house from severe weather.

If you’re ready to give your home’s exterior an overhaul, then contact Factory Direct Siding today. A member of our dedicated staff will be happy to discuss with you the countless benefits (including high ROI) that vinyl siding has to offer you and your family.