Factory Direct Siding’s Vinyl Shake Siding Shines In

HGTV’s ‘Renovation Aloha’ Episode

“Factory Direct Siding’s vinyl shake siding was in the spotlight in Season 1, Episode 5 of HGTV’s hit show Renovation Aloha.  


Elegant and Practical Siding Solution

Married renovators Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama, native to the lush landscapes of Oahu, Hawaii, embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize a historic Hawaiian home. Amidst the challenges of strict deadlines and unpredictable weather, the couple sought a siding solution that combined elegance with practicality, and Factory Direct Siding’s vinyl shake siding emerged as the perfect choice.
“I wanted to do vinyl shake siding,” Tristyn Kalama shared during the episode. “This siding is made to look like wooden shingles, so you get that high-end look at a lower cost.”
With their hearts set on elevating the aesthetic appeal of the property while remaining mindful of budget constraints, the Kalamas embraced the versatility and charm of Factory Direct Siding’s Sandstone Beige vinyl shake siding.
As they envisioned the striking transformation that awaited their historic Hawaiian find, Kamohai Kalama remarked, “It will definitely make the house stand out if we do something like this. So, I mean, I’m all for it.”


Sustained Beauty and Durability

Vinyl shake siding offered more than just visual appeal; its durable and weather-resistant properties made it an ideal choice for the tropical climate of Hawaii. Withstanding the humidity and occasional storms, Factory Direct Siding’s product promised longevity and low maintenance, ensuring that the renovated home would retain its beauty for years to come.

Our team is truly honored to be included in a project that showcases the quality and versatility of our products. At Factory Direct Siding, we are all thrilled to see our siding enhance the beauty of homes, even in the unique climate of Hawaii.

ABOUT FACTORY DIRECT SIDING’s premium cedar shake shingles are a low-maintenance and worry-free option, allowing you to express your style while preserving the integrity of your home’s value and curb-appeal.


Featured on HGTV show “Flipping Showdown”

Factory Direct Siding was honored to be a part of the new HGTV series Flipping Showdown. Thank you to Ken and Anita Corsini for showcasing our premium shake siding to create the WOW factor on this project!



Flipping Showdown is a new competition show on HGTV for renovators to win $100,000 and their own house flipping franchise! Ken and Anita Corsini judge the three teams as they use their creativity and craftsmanship to increase their home’s value. The team with the greatest increase in property value wins the career-launching prize.

Congratulations to Michael and Amy Gomez for winning stage one of the show! We’re honored to have our siding used in your winning flip!



Our premium vinyl shake siding was used in Michael and Amy’s winning flip. Premium vinyl isn’t just about curb appeal; it also adds property value! Vinyl siding adds a security blanket to the exterior. Vinyl is less likely to degrade or be damaged than other materials. When damage occurs, it’s much easier to replace than other siding options. As long as it is taken care of properly, vinyl shake siding can last for decades!

Vinyl shake siding is a synthetic alternative to cedar shake siding. It has the rustic look of freshly sawn cedar planks without the hassle of caring for real wood siding. It’s constructed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is the same material as regular vinyl siding. Shake siding has a distinctive look that adds distinctive charm to your home.

Want to add premium shake siding to your home? We stock dozens of the most popular colors and can even mix custom colors for you! Contact us today to give your home an amazing new look — and increase property value at the same time!


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