Did you know that the color of your house can raise or lower its potential resale value? According to research, painting your house yellow – a color long believed to resell well – can decrease your resale value by up to $3,000.

Besides impacting resale value, the color of your house can also influence how happy you feel in your home.

To avoid regret, you need to select a siding color that pleases your eye and has great resale value.

So how do you go about choosing a siding color that will make your home shine and instantly add digits to its value?

By scoping out the most popular siding colors for houses of course!

Which is why we are going to share with you the top siding colors for 2019. So that you can stay right on trend.

Read on to find out what these colors are.


White houses seem to never go out of fashion. White siding has always been popular and is still very much on trend.

There are of course an endless number of tints of white from which to choose. If you want to get specific on which ‘whites’ are in vogue, Linen White is one tint that is in at the moment. Linen White has a slightly warmer tone that true white, which can make houses look warmer and more approachable.

For a timeless classic look, another great choice would be Colonial White.

Dark Greys

According to research conducted by Zillow, cool toned neutral colors such as greys generally sell for more. How much more? Up to $5,440.

These findings make good sense when you consider how chic and in vogue dark greys are. Dark grey sidings look ultra modern and can make a strong design statement while not being over the top.

Dark grey siding is also a perfect palette from which to add contrasting trimming such as bright yellow, hot red, or stark white.

Slate Grey is one of the most sought after shades of dark grey for exteriors.

Light Grays

Light grey is also another of the most popular exterior siding colors. Light gray generally falls into the cool color spectrum which has been shown to be one of the best for exterior house colors.

Light grays share the modern aesthetic of darker grays but have a gentler and more subtle effect.

Sterling Grey is a great choice if you are looking for the perfect light grey siding color.


With the surging popularity of grey in all shades, there came a demand for an earthy grey. Enter Hearthstone. Hearthstone is a blend of grey and tan, resulting in a color very similar to natural stone.

This makes Hearthstone an ideal choice if you are looking for a siding color that will blend into the landscape and have a natural look to it. At the same time, Hearthstone still carries enough signature grey to keep it right on trend.

The tan in Hearthstone also makes it one of the best siding colors to pair with bright trimmings such as yellow, red, cream or orange.

Natural Clay

Natural Clay is another organic and earthy siding color that is trending in 2019. Natural Clay is cooler than beige or cream but has enough warmth in it to prevent a highly cool effect.

It makes for a great alternative to the starkness of white while remaining pleasing neutral.

Natural Clay can form a great backdrop for crisp sidings such as white. If you want to enhance the grey component of the color, you could also choose grey sidings to bring this out.


Beige and brown have long been popular and common house siding color schemes. Now they have paired up with trendy favorite grey, to form a new color on the block called Greige.

Greige is a mixture of beige and gray and makes for a tastefully muted option. If you can’t decide between grey or beige, Greige could be a great choice. In terms of longevity of popularity, Greige promises to hold its own thanks to being a combination of two best siding colors.

Savannah Wicker

Savannah Wicker is a popular color, and for many may be one of the best vinyl siding colors to choose.

This is because Savannah Wicker is a spot on balance of light and dark, and warm and cool. This makes it one of the most neutral of siding colors to choose and is a great selection if you are undecided between the four color extremes of light, dark, cool and warm.


Yes, it is true that yellow may decrease a home’s resale value. But, there is one yellow which is very much on trend at the moment. Marigold yellow is a pale yellow that is warm and bright, without being overly bold.

This yellow is a great choice if you want to brighten and lighten up your home’s exterior, add a sunny element, but not take the plunge for a bold yellow.

Coastal Blue

Blues are another trending color palette, particularly coastal blue. Blue siding colors tend to look fresh and clean. Depending on the hue, blue siding can appear either bright and airy, or deep and bold.

Coastal Blue is fairly dark in tone, but if paired with white trimmings can look crisp and bright.

Not only are blue siding colors trending at the moment, but they may also have a great resale value.

According to a study done on how building color influences the buyer’s perceptions, blue storefronts showed a marked positive impact on buyers.

Desert Tan

For those of you who prefer a muted warm color scheme, you will be happy to know that Desert Tan is another popular choice in exterior siding colors.

Desert Tan falls into the range of true neutrals. True neutrals are super versatile and are a great choice if you want your home to blend in well with the neighborhood.

A neutral such as Desert Tan is also an easy color to pair trimmings with. If you want to add in a few bold dashes of color, Desert Tan could be your perfect backdrop.

Light Maple

If you are after a warmer light neutral, Light Maple could be a great choice to consider. Light Maple is a light and warm colored cream, that imitates the color of the heartwood of maple.

Light colors are always a safe bet when it comes to the siding as they are timeless. Light colors are very popular in many parts of the country such as New England and other areas in the North.

Light Maple is also a good color to choose if you are planning on a lot of solid accents, such as black or dark grey trimming.

Forest Green

Forest Green is a highly popular siding color, especially in rural areas and in Northern parts. Forest Green siding will blend in well with any surrounding natural beauty.

Like Desert Tan, Forest Green siding is also a great backdrop for bold trimmings such as red frames or a black front door.


Another popular shade of green when it comes to siding is Cypress. This muted green is more subtle than Forest Green and can blend in well with almost any neighborhood.

You can also use lighter or darker trimmings to dress the siding color up or down, and make it appear lighter or darker.

This makes Cypress one of the best siding colors to use if you want to be unique but blend with the neighborhood at the same time.

Sable Brown

Brown is a favored color of siding in many parts of the country, particularly in the South where houses often have a darker and richer color scheme.

Sable Brown is a beautiful shade to choose if you are after the perfect tone of brown for 2019. Sable Brown is rich and dark but has a subtle lightness to it that makes this color easy to work with.


An all-time classic, reds are still very popular siding colors. Red is a rich warm color that evokes emotion. Red houses can make a statement, or create the effect of solidness and tradition.

Red is also an easy color against which you can create bold effects with contrastingly colored trimmings such as white and green.

Some of the most popular tones of red in 2019 are Rusty Red and Autumn Red.

Now You Know the Most Popular Siding Colors for Houses in 2019

With so many attractive shades and colors of siding available, it can be hard to isolate the perfect one. And if you get this wrong, you could be saddled with regret, and in some cases a devalued house.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this anymore, as you now know what the most popular siding colors for houses are in 2019.

Consider yourself equipped to select the perfect siding color for your home. One that will improve curb appeal, smarten up your house and increase its value if you ever want to sell it.

If you are ready to browse around for some of these trending siding colors, then check out our shop.