Home with possible vinyl shake siding issues.

What is Vinyl Shake Siding?

Vinyl shake siding is a synthetic alternative to cedar shake siding. It seeks to emulate the rustic look of freshly sawn cedar planks, but doesn’t have the hassle of caring for real wood siding. It’s constructed of polyvinyl chloride (or pvc) which is the same material that regular vinyl siding is made of, and its distinctive look can add fantastic curb appeal to your home. Plus, it costs about 30-40% less than cedar shake siding!

Vinyl siding manufacturers make vinyl shake siding in small pieces that are attached next to each other like roofing shingles, instead of long pieces like regular vinyl siding. After installation, shake siding can have a straight horizontal edge or staggered edge, depending upon the desired final look. The straight edge is more modern, while the staggered edge is the old-fashioned option. As long as it is taken care of properly, vinyl shake siding can last for decades!

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