In the process of building a new home? Looking for inspiration to enhance the curb appeal of your existing home’s exterior with a makeover? If so, you might be wondering what types of color choices are currently popular. 

The Possibilities Are Endless for the Modern Home

You have a wide range of options when it comes to exterior color schemes, but perhaps you want to use something modern and fresh. So, let’s dive into the top exterior home color trends for 2021. 

Here’s everything you need to know about 2021 home exterior and vinyl siding colors

1. Dark Is In for Exterior House Paint Colors

A fairly popular trend at the moment is to go dark with the exterior of your home. There are all kinds of vinyl siding and exterior paint color options that enable you to do so, from using onyx to grays to browns and more. 

For instance, many homeowners are using a dark gray color for the home’s base color and then using black or dark blue for the trim. A color palette like this is visually strong and often goes hand in hand with a craftsman style home design. 

Keep in mind that you can do all sorts of different things with dark colors, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Try different vinyl siding styles, as well. (For instance, incorporate vinyl cedar shake siding with vinyl panel siding). 

2. Use Different Shades of the Same Color

Another color trend that you might be interested in is utilizing different shades of the same color. For instance, you could use a baby blue base and then incorporate it with a navy blue front door and sky blue trim. Or, combine the widely popular light gray with a version of gray that is a little more bold!

This kind of color combination is visually intriguing and will give your home a theme of sorts.

Vinyl siding is available in an endless variety of shades. Use different shades together – you might just end up with one of the most visually appealing homes in your neighborhood. 

3. Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

There will always be a place for contrasting colors. After all, contrasting accent colors help the primary colors pop, and when colors pop, they tend to be more appealing to the eye (think white accents and darker overall color).

Consider using a darker color like hale navy for your base and then using a lighter color, such as a pale blue or white undertones, for the trim. Or, if you wish, do the exact opposite. In either case, you’ll have an eye-catching visual. 

Consider getting creative, as well. You don’t have to stick with neutral colors like gray, off-white or taupe. Contrast a dark blue with a light yellow!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Incorporate Green Color Trends

A style that’s fairly popular right now is incorporating shades of green. Greens are often used as supplementary colors and provide a unique and earthy aesthetic to the homes they adorn. 

Green accent colors and undertones work well with wood accents and are easy to blend with a variety of landscaping designs.

5. Utilize Pastels for Accent Colors

If you prefer a light and airy look, you should consider using pastel colors on the exterior of your home. For instance, you can use a pastel blue as the base and then use a pastel gray for the trim. Or, you could use a pastel yellow for the base and use a pure white for the trim. 

The possibilities are essentially endless here. And with the variety of vinyl siding color options available, you shouldn’t have much of a problem establishing something unique. 

6. Consider Beige or Similar Earthy Tones

Beige homes will always be a thing. They’re neutral, inoffensive, and they offer a traditional yet timeless look. They don’t stand out or draw much attention, but they do convey a certain level of “classic.” 

Try using a tan for your home’s base and then accenting that tan with a light brown trim, if you want to steer away from more traditional white exterior accents. This will offer up a nice contrast without overpowering the eye. 

Beware, however, that beige vinyl siding maintenance can be more involved than something with a darker color. Because the colors are so light, they tend to show dirt fairly easily, so more frequent cleaning may be necessary. 

7. Make It Loud! (At Least The Front Door)

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t choose colors that clash with one another. For instance, you probably shouldn’t mix a dark blue exterior with bright yellow trim when establishing a home’s color scheme.

Note, however, that some homeowners choose to get loud with it. In other words, they choose to deliberately go with bold, non-traditional color pairings on the exteriors of their homes. 

This is an unconventional thing to do and it’s definitely not going to appeal to everyone. But if you like it and think you can live with it, you should consider giving it a try. 

Not ready to take the big leap? Start with your front door! Many people are moving away from traditional color combinations and making bold front door colors a weekend DIY project. Teal and red doors are extremely popular.

These Vinyl Siding Colors Trends Are In Right Now

If you’re going for a chic and modern look on the exterior of your home, the vinyl siding colors mentioned above will point you in the right direction. These exterior home color trends are hugely popular right now and will make your home the envy of all of your neighbors. 

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